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Stainless Steel Perimeter Recirculation Systems precisely fabricated for faster and simplified installation with superior pool filtration


All Paddock stainless steel perimeter pool gutters are factory fabricated for faster and simplified installation. Paddock’s state-of-the-art computer-driven equipment ensures that every perimeter gutter system is laser cut, CNC formed, and welded to exact dimensions. All Paddock Gutters arrive on site in complete sections with minimum field welding required by Paddock certified installers. Paddock perimeter gutter systems save construction time, plumbing costs, and increase pool circulation over traditional concrete gutter and floor return designed pools

Gutter Types

R Series
C Series
M Series
Paddock Radiused Stainless Steel R300 Gutter
Paddock C100 Competition Swimming Pool Gutter
Paddock M100 Stainless Steel Gutter

Evacuator Types

New Build
Existing Pools
Paddock Evacuator and Gutter
Paddock PVC Bench Evacuator
Paddock CPRE (Chemical and Pump Room Evacuator)

Main Drain Types

Paddock Stainless Steel Main Drain
Paddock Stainless Steel Main Drain
Paddock Stainless Steel Main Drain

Filter Types

Paddock Regenerative Filter
Horizontal Sand
Paddock Horizontal Fiberglass Filtration Systems
Vacuum Sand
Paddock Vacuum Sand Filtration Systems
Paddock Vertical Pressure Sand Filtration Systems

Deck Equipment Types

Rail Goods
Paddock Stainless Steel Tread Ladders
Starting Platforms
Paddock Stainless Steel Starting Platforms
Lifeguard Gear
Paddock Satinless Steel Observation Platforms
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