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C Series Gutter

Dual Horizontal Overflow Channels, Surge Control, ASR (Auxiliary Surge Recovery) Options

Are you looking to build a fast competition pool? First, you have to answer the question: what makes a fast pool? It’s simple: smooth water. Paddock’s C-Series Gutters are designed specifically for this purpose. The C-Series Gutters accomplish this through dual horizontal overflow channels, which communicate through surge control ports around the entire perimeter. During quiescent periods, the water is skimmed through surge weirs which discharges into the lower channel. During heavy use periods, the water level will rise causing water to begin to rim flow into the upper channel, eventually rising to the level where water will naturally flow to the lower channel via the surge control weirs.

Notable Option: Incorporating an ASR (Auxiliary Surge Recovery) chamber to the lower chamber of Paddock’s C100 Gutter creates a Paddock C200 Gutter. This suction chamber is a game changer in competition pools. It gives positive control to the return of dynamic surge (waves from a competitive swimmer) to maintain optimum competitive water level and it is designed to automatically increase rate of return when the channel beings to fill during competition. The ability of the ASR chamber to automatically begin bypassing the filter and returning water directly to the pool to maintain water level is twofold: it allows room within the gutter channel to absorb the waves (dynamic surge) while also preventing rebounding waves by maintaining water level.

Paddock’s C300 Gutter is very similar in function to the C200, the key difference being the return tube and ASR chamber are vertically stacked on the front face of the gutter.

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