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Vertical Sand

Single, Dual, and Triple Cell Configurations, ASME Code Options, Domed Head

Made from Stainless Steel Type 316L, Stainless Steel Type 304L, or carbon steel with various interior UL listed linings, with ASME Pressure Vessel Certifications available, these vertically oriented single, dual, or triple cell filters provide the most efficient pressure filtration with limited floor space. When multiple cells are chosen, each is backwashed individually using filtered water from the other allowing reduction of GPMs required for backwashing to half or one-third of designed filtration rates. A unique feature from Paddock is the domed head design which divides the cells, in comparison to a flat plate which may deflect and damage internal components during operation.

Great choice for new installations with small equipment rooms where floor space is valuable and/or where reduced backwash capacity exists.

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