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Chemical Evacuator®

Durable, Corrosion Proof, Custom Exhaust fan

Paddock’s Chemical and pump room Evacuator (CPRE) is a one size fits all solution to poorly ventilated chemical and pump rooms. The compact design allows for simple installation, requiring only a 120v GFCI-protected outlet and exhaust vent opening.

Chemical and pump rooms are typically hot, humid, and corrosive environments as a result of poor airflow and the presence of chemicals, motors, and pool equipment. Paddocks CPRE is your plug-and-play solution by creating a cross-ventilation airflow while source-capturing and exhausting corrosive chemical fumes.

  • Durable and Corrosion Prrof HDPE Construction

  • Custom Backward Inclined Exhaust Fan

    • Epoxy Coated for Superior Corrosion Resistance

    • Sealed Ceramic Bearings

  • 1,000 cfm Exhaust Volume

  • Requires 120v GFCI-Protected Outlet

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