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Fully Clad Flow-Through HDPE Bulkhead engineered for your pool.

Paddock movable bulkheads span the width of the pool and can be easily moved to different positions to create varying courses for competition (50 meter, 25 meter, 25 yards, etc.) or general use. They also divide the pool into sections: lap swimming can be conducted on one side while at the same time recreation, instruction, or diving can take place on the other side of the bulkhead. Paddock Bulkheads are custom designed and fabricated for each individual pool and are typically four (4), five (5), or six (6) feet wide by four (4) feet deep and 45, 60, or 75 feet in length. Standard features and benefits include fully clad flow-through HDPE non-skid grating, built-in variable buoyancy chamber, skid-mounted hold down plates, anchors for various competition equipment, and a continuous built-in handhold and toe ledge for swimmer comfort.

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